Mario + Rabbids Showcases Rabbid Luigi in New Trailer

Today, Ubisoft released their next character spotlight trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on its official ‘Ubisoft US’ YouTube channel.


Rabbid Luigi is the next character to receive a spotlight trailer, following the release of Mario’s last week. The video in question showcases the unique abilities of Rabbid Luigi, as well as the general quirkiness of the character, who is maybe the weirdest thing since Luigi himself.

Rabbid Luigi’s main weapon is something called a “Bworb”, which functions like a gun, but looks more like some reality-warping device. From what we saw of it at this year’s E3, it would seem to be a weapon that focuses on elemental damage.


Rabbid Luigi’s secondary weapon, on the other hand, isn’t something we’d seen before. While the Bworb is typically a little on the weaker side, Rabbid Luigi’s rocket launcher packs quite a punch. As we see in the trailer, it applies a lot of damage over a wide area and blows up cover easily. There’s also a wide variety to choose from, with a number of different elemental effects.


Also featured are Rabbid Luigi’s special abilities. Super Barrier protects Rabbid Luigi against Super effects, meaning enemy special abilities will do less damage as well as lose any special effects against him. His second special ability, Weaken, functions to affect enemies within a certain radius of Rabbid Luigi, reducing any damage they might deal for a time.

The final aspect of Rabbid Luigi showcased is his Vamp Dash, which appears to be a constant ability that provides his dash with a lifesteal mechanic, meaning whatever damage he deals from his dash also heals him.

Rabbid Luigi would seem to be a very versatile character for any Mario + Rabbids team, with tons of different damage types on-hand and some great support abilities.

See the trailer in full below:

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