Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3 Reveal and Analysis

This past Friday, Bendy and the Ink Machine marked the announcement of the game’s next chapter, as seen in its Chapter 3 Reveal Trailer.


As the third chapter in a planned five, this next act brings us even further into the thick ink of Joey Drew Studios. The trailer itself is a little under two minutes, but there are several things we might glean from looking at it a little more closely.

The trailer begins with a cartoon featuring our ‘Little Devil’, Bendy, titled “Tombstone Picnic.” It’s fairly reminiscent of the old days of Mickie Mouse as Steamboat Willy, but in true Bendy fashion, there’s something a little eerie about it. Bendy would seem to be on his way to a picnic before he is surprised by a skeleton, who playfully trips him. Bendy doesn’t seem quite so ready to play along however, and he even seems to be a little unnerved. For a character whom we’ve only seen as antagonistic so far; and who’s known as a devil; it’s strangely non-frightening and a little disconcerting.


Bendy then finds Boris eating his sandwiches. Boris ignores Bendy, and when Bendy tries to stop him, he tries to attack him. There’s been some speculation already that Boris (who appears in Chapter 2 as to help Henry) will betray the player character in Chapter 3, and from a character who now seems to be selfish and short-tempered, this wouldn’t be too surprising.

After running from Boris, Bendy is again surprised by the skeleton. He runs to the side of a cliff, where a shadow then covers him. Bendy smiles and the film cuts out.


The final segment of the trailer is Henry running through Joey Drew Studios. It would appear he is running from one or more creatures, as we see brief glimpses of shadowy forms run past. At the end of the hallway, Henry reaches a door that appears to be a dead end; an enclosed box (or elevator?) with a sign above it and a marking on the doorway.

The sign is labeled “Little Miracle Station” and alongside the halo mark on the door, it would seem to be a clear to the third cartoon character we have yet to see: Bendy’s potential love interest, Alice Angel.


After reaching Little Miracle Station, Henry is trapped inside by one of Bendy’s ‘cut-outs’ before the very real and very physical Bendy we saw in Chapter 1 charges down the hallway and the video blacks out.

At the end of the trailer, we hear Alice Angel singing and text reveals that we can expect the next chapter to release in September 2017.

Bendy and the Ink Machine has been getting a lot of love from its fans, and the new trailer is good news for the many people who have been waiting in anticipation since the announcement trailer for Chapter 3 released back in May.

See the Chapter 3 reveal trailer below:

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