New ARMS Stage Potentially Teased

A new arena for ARMS — Nintendo’s newest fighting game IP — has seemingly been hinted at in a tweet by the game’s official Twitter account. 

Posted tonight, the translation of the tweet details the game’s mascot Biff as he is seemingly on vacation in a new area. He goes on to explain that he has heard rumors of a fighter being nearby, with a sweet scent filling the air. 

While not confirmed, the setting behind the character appears to be a sectioned off plaza of sorts among what look like multiple cafes and restaurant. Biff himself is seemingly resting at a cafe, as this is the first in-game and non-narrating model of the character that anyone has seen. 

It would make sense that Nintendo is amping up speculation over a new fighter, as we recently reported on their confirmation that one will be coming with ARMS’ next update. Since every character so far has had an accompanying stage, it is likely that this new stage — if that is to be believed — would be the home arena for the upcoming combatant. 

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