Nintendo’s Japanese Online Store to Take Custom Switch Pre-Orders

While some services exist already for obtaining a customized Nintendo Switch (such as Colorware), it wasn’t until recently that Nintendo publicly recognized the service–and sought to provide it itself.


Announced on Japan’s My Nintendo Store, Nintendo will begin processing pre-orders for custom Nintendo Switch sets on August 22.

Through the process, customers can essentially create their own Nintendo Switch packages, choosing its pre-packaged game as well as the color of its Joy-Con controllers. The site page includes a digital display that lets visitors mix-and-match Joy-Con colors, with the choices available being any color released in any Nintendo Switch set previously. These colors can also extend to the Joy-Con wrist straps (a feature not seen before in sets), and with five colors for each Joy-Con and seven for each wrist strap, there are plenty of unique combinations.

After choosing Joy-Con and wrist strap colors, customers can pick from a variety of Switch carrying cases to be included, as well as additional peripheral equipment, including Switch pro controllers and Joy-Con battery packs.


Shipments of these customized Switch sets will begin going out on October 1. However, it may still be a little difficult to obtain an order. The Japanese site currently marks most items as ‘Sold Out’, including the Switch system itself. While a pre-order is itself a guarantee that the customer will get a system, one has to be able to complete the pre-order first. But the ability to pre-order a Switch again is a good sign that the system may be more available within the next several months.

No word has yet been confirmed either way as to whether the customization deal will reach American stores.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to the Japanese site: My Nintendo Store

(Hint: Google Translate is a useful tool for translating sites.)

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