Splat Brella Coming to Splatoon 2 Tonight

The Splat Brella — an entirely new umbrella-based weapon type — is set to debut in Splatoon 2 tonight.

Previously, the Splat Brella was only playable in Hero Mode — the popular shooter’s single player mode. Unlike the other Hero Replica type weapons, the mechanized umbrella is not rewarded to players after completion of the game’s campaign. After tonight, it’s likely that it will be, packaged with a Sprinkler sub-weapon and Ink Storm special weapon.

Needless to say, the new weapon type should receive plenty of variations going forward as well, as seemingly every weapon has. These will most likely offer players a different set of sub and special weapons, with the same main weapon. Last week, we reported a rather large datamine leak that had occurred for Splatoon 2, hinting at multiple upcoming weapons and content — including a handful of new stages.

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