Video: First Gameplay Footage of Cordelia in Fire Emblem Warriors

Developer Koei Tecmo has published the first gameplay footage of the Pegasus Knight Cordelia in Fire Emblem Warriors — showcasing the fighting style of the new class.

Utilizing her mount, Cordelia seems to fight more swiftly with a wider range of attacks than some other fighters on the roster so far. The video — although short — is believed to show off two of her special attacks, which gather her enemies into a large group before being struck with her spear. One attack even appears to summon forth a horde of other Pegasus Knights.

As we draw closer to a month out from Fire Emblem Warriors’ release in Japan, more and more footage and character reveals are sure to come forth. The next Nintendo Warriors installment is set to release in Japan for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on September 28, with a North American release sure to follow soon after.

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