Valve Unveils Dota Card Game

When Valve surprised viewers of The International by announcing that they would reveal a new project at the livestreamed event, more than a few fans might have held their breath and crossed their fingers.


But this certainly wasn’t what anyone was hoping for, for better or worse.

As an extremely large provider of videogame services (via Steam) and a developer that has been revolutionary in the past (via the Portal and Half-Life series, for example), Valve might have known that such an announcement would get fans excited about other potential, expected titles. Like, maybe, Half-Life 3.

Artifact, as a Dota card game, follows a trend best exhibited by Blizzard’s hit Hearthstone card game, a title featuring the lore and characters of World of Warcraft. But whether Artifact will be able to follow in Hearthstone’s footsteps has yet to be seen, as even the game’s concept is currently unclear. All that’s really known so far is that the game features a three-lane system similar to Dota or The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and that barracks can be built to generate minions.

A teaser trailer was revealed at the second night of Dota’s major tournament, but it doesn’t showcase any form of gameplay or gameplay-related cinematics. It’s mostly an introduction of the game’s existence.

There’s an entertaining video making the rounds on the internet showcasing the reactions of fans at the event. While it’s uncertain how much of the reaction is positive or negative, there are certainly more than a few groans to be heard, along with some slow claps and what sounds like a dumbstruck reading of the game’s title concept.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Artifact beyond its 2018 release, but Valve certainly owes some of its fans an explanation.

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