Nintendo Reveals Samus Edition 3DS XL

With Samus Returns on the horizon for September 15, it has now been announced that Nintendo’s famous bounty hunter will be getting her own 3DS XL edition as well.


Nintendo made the announcement via its official Twitter page this morning. The new system edition is set to release the same day as the new Samus title, which is a remake of the classic Metroid 2.

The Samus Edition 3DS XL will be available for a retail price of $199.99, though this will not include the new Metroid game. Samus Returns will be available in stores separately for a retail price of $39.99.


The new 3DS XL version isn’t the only love Nintendo has shown the upcoming Metroid title. Two new Metroid amiibo are set to release as well, featuring in-game functionality alongside the Samus amiibo made for the most recent Super Smash Bros..

Additionally, a special edition of Samus Returns is set to release as well, at a retail price of $49.99, which includes a 25-song CD soundtrack, with selections from across the entire Metroid franchise.

Look for the new 3DS XL edition alongside Samus Returns on September 15.


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