ARMS Version 2.1 Now Available; New Character and Arms Teased for Next Update

A small balance and performance update for ARMS has been released — along with a strong tease of a new fighter and set of Arms coming with the next update.


On top of balance changes for several fighters and Arms, multiple user interface and menu adjustments have been made to streamline certain parts of the game. In addition, five new exercises have been added to the Training mode for players to further hone their skills. The patch notes read as follows:

  • Moved “Training” to the top menu.
  • Added five exercises to “Training”, and added difficulty level indications.
  • Adjusted the way the rush gauge fills, decreasing the amount gained for punches that do not connect with the opponent.
  • When 3-4 players start a battle, instructions on how to switch targets will now be displayed. A cursor will also be displayed above the current target for a set time.
  • Adjusted hitbox sizes for fighters, improving issues where hits were not registered despite looking like hits.
  • Changed the pause, results, and replay menus in “Training” to be more convenient.
  • For “Best Stage” in Stats, made it harder for less frequently played stages to be selected, even if you have a high win ration on them.
  • Corrected issue that caused the game to hang-up when the ending was skipped at a particular time.
  • We have made the following adjustments for some fighters and arms:

In tandem with Nintendo of Japan’s tweet announcing the changes, the official Japanese ARMS twitter account replied with a message telling fans to look forward to the next update for a new character as well as a new set of Arms to go with them. The message has been translated by popular twitter translator PushDustin:

Interestingly enough, this announcement comes days after we reported on a recent ARMS leak, where data miners found evidence of several potential upcoming characters. Time will only tell if this new character will be one that is present on the leaked roster, and also if a new stage will be coming with said character.

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