20XX Blasts Onto Steam on August 16

20XX – a 2D co-op action roguelike inspired by the Megaman series and crafted by Batterystaple Games – is set to fully launch on Steam next week.


Initially started as a kickstarter project titled “Echoes of Eridu”, the game has undergone a substantial amount of change over three years in development. Thanks to the time spent in beta while on Steam’s early access program, the title received many suggestions from the community of backers, leading Batterystaple to completion of their project as well as a final release build.

The popular indie title includes expansive single player content in addition to both local and online co-op modes to boot. Calling back to its Megaman roots, the game features a colorful art style and crisp animation that is sure to resonate with fans of the classic blue-bomber, or even gamers that are nostalgic for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System era of games.


20XX is scheduled to release exclusively on the Steam digital marketplace on August 16 for $14.99 MSRP.

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