A Look at the ‘Mario + Rabbids’ Co-op Challenges

A few days ago, Ubisoft posted a video of the creative director (Davide Soliani) and lead producer (Xavier Manzanares) of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle showcasing the co-op challenges of the upcoming game in detail. While briefly featured in our previous Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle article, we thought we’d go over the video in greater detail here.


From the video, we can gather a few things about the nature of cooperative play in Ubisoft and Nintendo’s latest venture.

While Soliani and Manzanares appear to dispatch their enemies with relative ease, it’s also apparent that this success relies on some keen teamwork. The synchronization of character abilities looks to be crucial to success, in addition to good communication and a familiarity with each character’s unique strengths and weaknesses.


Manzanares pulls off a particularly nice combo early on, using Luigi’s Steely Glare ability (which enables him to shoot any enemies moving within a range) to finish off a big enemy Rabbid Mario attacked, triggering the enemy’s counter ability and Luigi’s Steely Glare.

What we know about the challenges in the general is that they appear to be a series of objective maps. The main screen shows what appears to be five main areas—one introductory zone and the four corresponding to each of the campaign’s four worlds—with a number of challenges available in each area.

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A tracker counts which challenges have been completed, as well as how many have been completed in hard mode. While some challenges are a revisiting of specific campaign areas (with an added twist), others would seem to be unique to the co-op challenge mode.

Already, it’s clear that the co-op mode is meant to both teach and challenge its players.

As part of an escort mission, Soliani and Manzanares get Toad and Toadette to their respective checkpoints only just as they appear to be surrounded, with enemies closing in on both sides. The video confirms some scattered reports that Mario + Rabbids may be harder than some people have been giving it credit for. With hard mode yet to be revealed, this new evidence is promising at least.

See the new video below for additional details provided by Soliani and Manzanares:

In addition, check out the new character spotlight video made for Mario, released today:



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