Big Surprises in Blizzard’s Final ‘Frozen Throne’ Stream

All 135 cards revealed and a little extra too

Today, Blizzard hosted its final stream for Hearthstone’s upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, which is set to release this Thursday.

An announcement was put on the official Hearthstone Twitter page this afternoon informing fans to tune in for the final “card reveal / developer livestream” on Twitch. The stream was hosted by game director Ben Brode and professional streamer/player Brian Kibler, and it featured a series of showcase matches with decks made up of the new cards. Needless to say, there were more than a few surprises.

Particularly noteworthy were the Warrior and Warlock death knight hero cards, revealed in the matches.


Scourgelord Garrosh’s “Bladestorm” hero power works great with the injury mechanics of many new Warrior cards and his 4/3 Shadowmourne weapon decimates enemy minions.

Bloodreaver Gul’dan seems particularly strong as well, with his battlecry resurrecting any friendly demons that might have died this game. His 3-damage lifesteal hero power promises to be great for finishing off targets as well as for stabilizing, something Warlock has always struggled with.


However, the new cards that really stole all the stream hype were neutral legendaries, and two cards specifically that introduced a card type there was no indication of prior to this stream. Though this month’s expansion didn’t add it as a tenth class for the card game, Hearthstone is still getting Death Knight cards in another exciting form.



Arfus and The Lich King (Arthas) are two newly revealed legendaries that add Death Knight cards to your hand after their effects trigger. For Arfus, this means triggering his deathrattle, and for The Lich King at the end of your turn. These Death Knight cards are extremely powerful and they provided a huge amount of swing in the showcase matches. Particularly noteworthy was Army of the Dead, a 6-mana spell that removes the top five cards of your deck and immediately summons any minions removed this way.


A full list of the special cards available via Arfus and The Lich King can be seen below:


The final Frozen Throne stream showcased in-action just about all of the cards we hadn’t seen yet and it’s sure to have shaken things up once again. If there wasn’t enough hype before, there certainly is now. Over 100,000 viewers tuned in to watch the stream, an archived video of which can be found here.

In addition to card reveals, it was announced in the video that the last day for pre-orders of the new expansion will be tomorrow, August 8, when the expansion’s new patch will be introduced. The pre-order deal features 50 card packs for $49.99, packaged with an exclusive card back.

Also noteworthy is the opportunity to obtain one of the new hero cards for free, if you can manage to beat the prologue of the Frozen Throne adventure component.

Look for the release of the new Hearthstone expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne this Thursday and stay tuned for more updates and Hearthstone news.




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