The ‘Knights of the Frozen Throne’ Cards I’m Most Excited For

In  the spirit of Hearthstone‘s upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, I thought I’d share with you some of the cards I’m most excited to see come the August 10th release date. Without any further ado, here are my seven favorite cards from revealed in the set so far.

7: Howlfiend

Flavor-wise, this card is definitely one of my favorites. It follows the Warlock trend of low-cost high-stat cards with an inherent drawback, though its effect is also something that could be put to good use in Discard Warlock. There might also be a rather interesting combo of Howlfiend and Treachery in a new Mill Warlock.

Howlfiend looks great, it’s an amazing statline and it adds a whole new dimension to the Warlock class. I’m excited to see whether it will work, and whether I’ll be able to pull off the Clutchmother Zavas combo I’ve been hoping for.

Of course, alternatively, one could just complete Lakkari Sacrifice in a turn or two with some Defile shenanigans.

6: Professor Putricide

Hunter secrets, while not necessarily the best, are certainly the most annoying, in addition to exhibiting the most variance. And the new Hunter legendary, Professor Putricide, is the perfect embodiment of these qualities.

The hardest thing about dealing with Hunter secrets is the huge variance in what each secret could be. The easiest way to deal with them has been to understand your opponent’s deck and what they are likely to run. With Professor Putricide in play, however, those secrets could be literally anything.

I expect some very frustrating games in the future facing this guy, but it’s definitely a card that’s very cool to see in Hearthstone finally.

5: Animated Berserker

As a one-drop, Animated Berserker maybe isn’t the most exciting card. 1/3 is a decent statline, but it’s not quite the premium stats of something like an old-school Zombie Chow. But for a better-than-average body, its effect is something that might just push it over the edge into a new deck archetype.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—why this card?

My answer is that if there is to be a new ‘Rage Warrior’ archetype, this card is likely something that will show up across many variations. The ability to trigger the rage or injury effects of multiple cards, through a minion, across multiple turns is invaluable. And in Warrior, where most one-damage effects target all minions, the more precise targeting of Animated Berserker’s effect could enable some nice play variance.

4: Eternal Servitude

Speaking of decks Blizzard has been trying to make work for a while, Eternal Servitude just might be the thing to bring back Resurrect Priest. After all, what’s been than resurrecting a random minion? Three opportunities to resurrect the exact minion you need, with some other choices to fall back on.

In a deck based around the mechanic, Eternal Servitude is amazing. It works especially well with the new card Obsidian Statue, or with any of the big cards of Free From Amber. Whether Eternal Servitude can work in a meta that requires a deck to run a good percentage of cards under four mana has yet to be seen, but if one can consistently resurrect high-cost minions, this card will be absolutely insane.

3: Ultimate Infestation

I didn’t think this was a real card at first. A new 10-mana spell? That draws five cards? And deals five targeted damage, summons a 5/5 minion and gives you five armor? Not including Yogg-Saron, this card just might be the most value Hearthstone has ever seen.

It’s hard to say whether this card will be broken. It’s hard to even say how good it will be. If you’re ahead and you play this card, you’ve basically won the game. But is it enough to swing a comeback, when maybe all you’ve really done on Turn 10 is deal five damage and summon a 5/5? Ultimate Infestation could be the perfect Coin/double-Innervate play, but it’s also a pretty heavy dead-draw until you get the ten mana to play it.

2: Frost Lich Jaina

I’m going to be up-front with you; Mage has always been my favorite class. So when I saw Frost Lich Jaina, I already knew she was going to be one of my favorite cards of the set.

My current dream is to play this in Reno Mage, get a Moorabi, a Coldarra Drake and an Ice Walker on the board, and then just kill a bunch of minions to summon Water Elementals and add copies of the dead, frozen minions to my hand. Unrealistic, I know, but it’s one I hope to see some form of realized in a highlight reel someday.

1: Shadowreaper Anduin

This card is sick. What a lot of the other hero cards we’ve seen thus far suffer from is vulnerability. Sure, you can just play Frost Lich Jaina on Turn 9, but can you really afford it if your opponent has a few big minions on the board? Valeera the Hollow has a nice follow-up if you happen to have Vanish for the next turn, but what do you do after? One of the nice things about Shadowreaper Anduin is that he is the board clear.

Additionally, the new Priest card promises some fancy kill combos. With the ability of his hero power to refresh after each card played, it’s pretty easy to get a lot of damage on your opponent’s face quickly. And alongside something like Raza the Chained, there could conceivably be turns where you deal 10 damage or more for free. People are already working out combos with Shadow Visions and Radiant Elemental to deal upwards of 20 damage in a single turn.

What’s really nice about Shadowreaper Anduin is that he’s a card you can slot into almost any current Priest deck. And he’s sure to provide more than enough power to keep Priest viable for an expansion or two.

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