“Male Archer” and “Female Rider” Characters to be Revealed this Month for Fire Emblem Warriors

The official Fire Emblem Warriors twitter account has provided hints of two new characters to be revealed this month — a male archer and a female rider.

With the release of developer Koei Tecmo’s anticipated Warriors title inching ever so closer, details seem to be pouring out at a more accelerated pace as of late. Hot off the heels of Cordelia and Female Robin being revealed as new playable characters comes the announcement that even more non-sword classes will be making their way to the roster soon.

Considering the limited possibilities for a male archer, it is highly likely that Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates will be revealed as the representative for that spot, given the inclusion of his brother Ryoma and the overall significance of the siblings to the the storyline of Fates. However, Fire Emblem series developers have seemingly always favored the regal archer Virion of Fire Emblem Awakening fame, even going so far as to include him in the Atlus crossover game Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

On the contrary, when it comes to nailing down a female rider, the argument could be left up to debate. Because a “rider” encompasses both flier classes as well as mounted cavalry, the hint stands as being somewhat vague. Similar to Takumi, the same argument could be made for Camilla, Hinoka, or Elise from Fates to fill the role, or even popular characters Caeda and Est from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Needless to say, the hints are sure to drum up fan speculation for the coming weeks. Fire Emblem Warriors is scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on September 28 in Japan, and sometime in Fall for North America.


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