(UPDATE) Hearthstone’s New Expansion Launches Next Week

With 135 new cards, an all-new card mechanic and the return of the adventure segment, Hearthstone fans have a lot to look forward to in the next expansion. And it’s official—the wait is almost over.


On the official Hearthstone Twitter page this morning, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the release date for Knights of the Frozen Throne is confirmed for August 10.

As the day after the start of the next brawl, this is a good spot for it to be. It gives players the chance to get some extra gold and dust, as well as some additional time for pre-orders. As part of a special deal, players can currently buy 50 Frozen Throne card packs for $49.99 in the in-game store. However, this deal now has an end in sight, as it will only last until the expansion’s Thursday release date, whereupon all Frozen Throne card packs will be available to open.

(UPDATE: The pre-order offer will be ending August 9.)


While there have been plenty of exciting cards revealed that are sure to shake up the meta, Knights of the Frozen Throne is most notable for its ‘hero’ cards. Similar to the quest cards of Un’Goro, Frozen Throne’s hero cards are a new type of card unique to the new expansion. Hero cards are cards that, when played, replace your hero with another hero, granting you additional armor as well as an all-new hero power. The theme of this expansion is Northrend and the armies of the Lich King, so naturally these hero cards are death knight versions of our nine heroes.


In addition to a hero card like the above being made for each class, each class will also have its own unique legendary, in addition to its eight other class cards. In total, including the neutral cards, there will be 135 cards in the upcoming expansion.

For a full list of all Knights of the Frozen Throne cards revealed thus far, click here. The expansion has yet to be revealed in full, but it’s likely to be up within a few days.

In the meantime, cross your fingers and hope for legendaries!


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