The Big ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Update

Within the past two days, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been getting a huge release of videos, screenshots, interviews and insider information. To help everyone keep track of everything, we thought we’d organize into a nice, formatted list what we know so far of the upcoming Ubisoft/Nintendo venture.

Here’s everything we know so far in regards to the mechanics of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:


  • As the main focus of the game, combat is stat-heavy and geared towards the player’s implementation of strategy and abilities-based tactics.
  • Similar to Fire Emblem or Advance Wars, turns are divided between player and enemy phases.
  • On any given turn, each character has the capacity to move, attack and use a special ability.
  • Certain actions will allow the player to push the boundaries of what any given character can do in a turn. For instance, vaulting off an ally or slide-attacking an enemy will allow you to move or attack again afterwards.
  • Combat also utilizes a wide variety of weapon types, including shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers, remote-controlled explosives and sentry turrets.
  • In addition, there are many different damage types, such as honey damage (which can immobilize enemies), push damage (which can throw enemies off ledges) and fire damage (which can combust foes).
  • As hosts to these weapons and damage types, worlds are highly destructible and players are encouraged to look for creative solutions to problems.

Characters and Special Abilities

  • Each Nintendo character (and their Rabbid counterpart) has unique special abilities, skill trees and weapons. Whereas Mario might be more like a fighter, for instance, Peach is more along the lines of a paladin or healer.
  • Eight characters make an appearance in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, including: Mario, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi and Rabbid Yoshi.
  • While the Rabbid versions of characters look like one of the Ubisoft critters dressed as that character, they don’t necessarily have the same playstyle. Whereas Rabbid Luigi functions as a quirky support character with the ability to weaken enemies, Luigi acts as a sniper or sentry.
  • A wide breadth of customization options lets the player use each character according to their particular style, with a focus on how each character works as part of a larger team.


  • The combat of Mario + Rabbids is team-based, and as a team-based game, combos are everything.
  • Character special abilities work best in tandem with another’s. For instance, while Rabbid Yoshi’s special ability (Scaredy Rabbid) can scare away nearby enemies to give you some breathing room, it works best when combined with something like Mario’s special ability (Hero Sight), which enables Mario to automatically attack any enemy that moves within his field of vision.
  • Character turns are organized such that the player can split character actions across the turn. For example, one could move Mario, then move and attack with Rabbid Luigi, and then finish the turn with the attack from Mario.
  • Actions such as vaulting or slide-attacking can be chained several times for an extra-long turn, though any character can technically only move once per turn.

Missions and Worlds

  • A total of four worlds have been confirmed thus far. These include:
    • Ancient Gardens: the classic green World 1 of the trailers
    • Spooky Trails: a gloomy world filled with ghouls and ghosts (e.g. Boos)
    • Sherbet Desert: not much known about this world, but name suggests a cross between a desert and an ice world
    • Lava Pits: also mysterious, but likely the fiery finale
  • Each world’s completion takes progressively longer, with the completion of World 1 being clocked at around 2-3 hours.
  • Missions are combat-focused with a variety of objectives, including enemy elimination and reaching a specified ‘endzone’.
  • After the completion of any combat area, a challenge area will appear in its place, allowing you to revisit past areas for more rewards.
  • Combat areas are themselves threaded throughout a large world map, which features puzzles and hidden treasures for the intrepid explorer.


  • Bulk of the singleplayer campaign has the player utilize a squad of three characters.
  • Local co-op increases squad size to four, with each player taking control of two characters each.
  • Cooperative play focuses on special challenge battles, which quickly increase in difficulty as one progresses.
  • Completion of the cooperative challenges relies primarily on teamwork skills, namely communication and synchronization.

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