Persona Q2 Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Developer Atlus has revealed that Persona Q2 — a follow-up to the popular 2014 dungeon crawler Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth — is coming to the Nintendo 3DS.


Revealed simply from a new teaser site, the only info that the page gives can be gleaned from the highly recognized Phantom Thieves logo and “Take Your Heart” motto from Atlus’ smash 2017 hit — Persona 5. The inclusion of these materials has led many to believe that Persona Q2 will at the very least feature the cast of characters from the latest main-line Persona game, but very well could include others as more info is released. At this time, no details on a release window have been given.

If the sequel to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrith is anywhere similar to the first installment, players can expect to be navigating their way through elaborate dungeon crawl gameplay akin to that of the Etrian Odyssey series, while also retaining the RPG combat elements of traditional Persona titles. However, to differentiate from the standard anime-esque artstyle of the main-line titles, the Persona Q series is known for featuring a more chibi-like character design.


Previously, Persona 5 launched on both PlayStation 3 and 4 in Japan last September 2016, but was released globally on April 4, 2017 for the same consoles.

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