(UPDATE) Summer Games 2017 Event and Lucioball Confirmed for Overwatch; Begins August 8

It would seem that a Summer Games 2017 event and “Lucioball” mode will be returning to the popular shooter Overwatch over the next few days, as suggested by the official OverwatchBrasil Twitter account.

Speculation and evidence of the upcoming event has surfaced aplenty over the past few months, with this being the first official recognition of the seasonal theme by developer Blizzard and the Overwatch team themselves. Thanks to several dataminers and even leaked Xbox One Achievements, the confirmation of this news has been viewed as an inevitability. Rough translation of the tweet reads,

Don’t worry — we already have our tickets.

See you on the lawn in a few days!

This would seem to indicate that players will be partaking in the event sooner rather than later. According to frequent and popular Overwatch dataminer Yernemm, the event should bring with it 40 or more items of new content for the current roster of heroes, ranging from skins to voice lines to sprays, etc. In addition, thanks to the latest patch of the live client for the game, loot box duplicates of these and older character items should be significantly less frequent.

The latest Overwatch seasonal event — the Overwatch 1 Year Anniversary event — concluded on June 12. A couple weeks ago, we reported on a developer behind-the-scenes update on the development of Doomfist, the 25th character introduced to the popular multiplayer game.

UPDATE: Blizzard and the official PlayOverwatch twitter have confirmed this report, while also posting a new developer update video.

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