Cordelia and Female Robin Confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors; Permadeath Detailed

Cordelia and Female Robin — both from Fire Emblem Awakening — have been confirmed as playable characters in the upcoming hack-and-slash strategy game, Fire Emblem Warriors.


Revealed as part of a feature in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, developer Koei Tecmo also provided the first few screens of the two characters in-game. Cordelia — who is primarily a Pegasus Knight in Awakening — seemingly retains this class status in Warriors, giving fans their first look at the airborne fighter class in action. In addition, all indications are that Female Robin will possess mage abilities similar to Male Robin, but it is yet to be seen how the two will differ when it comes to gameplay style. No further details were given on either character.

In the same feature, it was also confirmed that the storied “permadeath” system from traditional Fire Emblem series titles will be included in Warriors in the form of a new mechanic called “Character Lost”. While more details will be given as the game approaches launch, Koei Tecmo has stated that the new feature will act as a way to prevent team members from being summoned once they fall in battle.


While no release date has been given for Fire Emblem Warriors in North America, the game is scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on September 28 in Japan. Last week, we reported on the first direct-feed gameplay footage of characters Lucina, Male Robin, Lissa, and Frederick for the upcoming title.

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