‘StarCraft: Remastered’ Event Held in South Korea

It was earlier this Sunday that we saw the first live event showcasing the new StarCraft: Remastered. At around 7:00am EDT, a livestream of the event went up on Twitch on StarCraft’s official channel, to celebrate the game’s launch in South Korea.


Specifically, the Blizzard-sponsored event was a series of showcased matches between some of the series’ greatest players, including BoxeR, YellOw, Bisu, Jaedong and Flash. Thousands gathered to watch the event take place on a stage in Gwangali Beach, while some 15,000 more tuned in via Twitch. There was plenty of enthusiasm from the crowd as events went underway, with tons of applause and online hype to welcome the long-retired players back to the stage.

While the matches themselves are something to be seen, seeing the game in its remastered state was more than enough draw for some fans. In its HD state, some startling new facts about the game were revealed even to some of the game’s oldest players.


Starcraft: Remastered would seem to be oriented towards preserving what it can of the aesthetic of the original game, while at the same time presenting the game in a much more palatable resolution. A quick comparison leaves little doubt as to the game’s ‘new and improved’ nature.

To watch an archived video of the entire event held in Busan, South Korea, see the link below:



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