Mayonnaise vs Ketchup Splatfest Dated for All Regions; August 4 in NA

The first official post-launch Splatfest for Splatoon 2 puts mayonnaise up against ketchup in a global battle for condiment supremacy starting next week.

While initially teased by Nintendo of Europe last week, it was confirmed today that the Splatfest theme will be shared across all regions. However, it is also noted that scoring will be different in each area, with results being tallied seperately from one another. Because of this, each Splatfest will need to run at varying times, with North America’s event beginning at 9 PM PT on August 4 and lasting exactly 24 hours.

Starting now, inklings can make their way to the Splatfest billboard in Inkopolis Square just outside the main Battle Lobby in order to cast their votes. As always, players will receive an in-game tee to go along with the team they have chosen, which can be leveled up and decked out with abilities both before and during the event. As the Splatfest is live, wins will go towards the user’s team prestige, which can then be converted into Super Sea Snails once the even has concluded. These collectibles can then be given to Murch outside the Battle Lobby in order to add or re-roll abilities for any type of gear.

In addition to the Splatfest, the Dualie Squelchers were added as a new variant of the dualie class weapons that are new to Splatoon 2. According to Nintendo, these are revamped versions of the Dual Squelcher from Splatoon that now act as a dual-wielded instrument. They are classified as having the Point Sensor sub weapon, as well as the Tenta Missle special weapon. They are the second add-on items brought to the game after the Inkbrush was added last week.

Splatoon 2 was released on July 21 for the Nintendo Switch. A couple weeks ago, we reported on the results of the pre-launch Splatfest demo, as well as the Splatoon anime coming soon from CoroCoro.

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