Fire Emblem Heroes FEH Channel Broadcast – Full Update Details

Fire Emblem Heroes — the wildly successful strategy “gacha” game for smart devices — is set to receive a boat load of new features, modes, and characters throughout August.

According to a 17-minute “FEH Channel” broadcast published last night, Nintendo is bringing forth a series of new events and updates that will be staggered over the next month to celebrate both the waning months of Summer, as well as the 6 month anniversary of the game’s release. These are promised to give consistent users plenty of opportunity to stockpile orbs, characters, hero feathers, and newly introduced items during the celebration period.

The following is a breakdown of all of the details unveiled during the presentation:

  • Special Heroes Summoning Event: Nohrian Summer

    • Features Female Corrin, Xander, Leo, and Elise in summer swimwear
    • Mixes up their classes
    • Currently available
  • Voting Gauntlet

    • Pits special swimsuit classes against each other on beach themed maps
    • Begins August 1 DFyxiX9UwAAnFOP
  • Bound Hero Battle

    • Will feature heroes Cecilia and Lilina
    • Defeat special foes to reach the two characters
    • Orbs earned for completion
    • Begins August 7
  • Six-Month Anniversary Celebration

    • Rewards players with two orbs for each daily login during event period, up to 10 times
    • Login bonuses will be offered during two periods; between August 7 and 22, then August 22 to September 11
    • This gives players the opportunity to earn a grand total of 40 orbs during the event periods
    • Numerous special maps are planned, including variations for quests, training tower, sacred seals, and turn limit
    • Begins August 7
  • Starter Support: Hero Fest

    • Certain five star focus heroes will start at a 5% summon chance during event period
    • Not yet known which heroes will be featured
    • Users can earn additional login bonuses during Hero Fest, potentially up to 20 orbs
    • Begins August 10
  • Summoning Rarity Changes

    • Appearance rates will be swapped for three star and four star heroes
    • Three star heroes: 36% chance of appearing
    • Four star heroes: 58% chance of appearing
    • All new focus events going forward will offer players one free hero summon to begin
    • Begins August 7
  • Arena Assault/Version 1.6 Update

    • New Arena mode titled: “Arena Assault”
    • Complete a map to go straight into the next one
    • Compete for highest score at the end of a set, score determines rank
    • Earn Sacred Coins as rewards based on rank at end of season
    • A different team is needed for each map and allies can only be used once for each
    • Special items are added that have varying effects; Some restore health to allies, others damage all enemies
    • No stamina or dueling sword cost
    • Begins August 8
  • Tempest Trials

    • Features characters from Fire Emblem Echoes
    • Earn rewards for higher scores
    • Introducing Continuous Auto: Allows Auto Battle to be carried out throughout multiple maps
    • Continues until player either wins or loses
    • Team management: Save up to 10 teams to place in reserve
    • Normal difficulty introduced
    • New scoring system: Earn triple points for first-time battle, as well as stat bonuses for allies and double EXP/SP.
    • Begins August 11
  • Grand Hero Battle: Valter

    • Features Valter from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
    • Utilizes a new skill called “Cursed Lance” exclusive to Valter
    • Begins in late Augustfire-emblem-heroes-valter
  • Additional Version 1.6 Changes

    • New catalogue of heroes to see which a player still needs to collect
    • Obtaining a hero grants access to their profile, a replay of summoning sequence, and additional voice clips/battle animations
    • Maximum Hero Merit raised from 2,000 to 3,000 and higher fire-emblem-heroes-feh-channel

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