First Direct-Feed Footage of Robin, Lucina, Lissa, and Frederick in Fire Emblem Warriors

The first direct-feed gameplay footage of newly announced characters Robin, Lucina, Lissa, and Frederick in developer Koei Tecmo’s Fire Emblem Warriors has surfaced.

The footage comes from the most recent demo build of the game, which was available to play on the San Diego Comic Con showfloor over the weekend. The video gives fans their first high-res look at Lucina, Robin, Lissa, and Frederick in action. Hailing originally from Fire Emblem Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS, they now join their ally and leader Chrom as playable characters on the battlefield.

As known from previous developer insight, each character brings with them a different and mostly new style of play that represents their class type. While Lucina once again wields her sword, Robin utilizes his mage powers with tomes, and both Lissa and Frederick wield giant axes to pummel foes. Each hero also has their own unique abilities, special moves, and movement options.

While no concrete release date has yet been nailed down for Fire Emblem Warriors, it is still set to release this Fall on Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Those interested can check out the official Nintendo Fire Emblem Warriors product page for more information and trailers.


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