Fire Emblem Heroes Makes $100 Million in Six Months

Most think of Nintendo as a company known for its console games. However, it would seem its mobile games are just as strong, as seen with the new Fire Emblem Heroes.

Since its launch in February, Fire Emblem Heroes has been downloaded over ten million times, with over $100 million made from in-game purchases. The data was provided recently by Sensor Tower and it suggests something of the strong popularity of the game, as well as who tends to spend the most money on these types of mobile games.

Of the countries listed, Fire Emblem Heroes has made most of its revenue from Japanese players, who have contributed a startling 66 percent of the game’s revenue to-date. American players follow at a distant 24 percent, with the next closest percentage being Canadian players at 4 percent. This itself suggests that Nintendo has a particularly huge market for its mobile games in Japan; a fact that might influence the direction these games take in the future. Furthermore, Sensor Tower recently also revealed a similar spending trend with Pokemon GO.

With plenty of events continuing to be released over the summer, it would seem Fire Emblem Heroes will have a strong player base for some time to come.

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