Doomfist to Officially Join Overwatch Roster on July 27

Doomfist — the 25th character introduced for developer Blizzard’s hit first person shooter Overwatch — is punching his way into the official roster on July 27.


Revealed as part of a recent behind-the-scenes developer preview, the release date will mark three weeks that the hotly anticipated “villain” has been available for testing on Overwatch’s PTR. After going through a series of “nerfs” and fixes since his original introduction to the game’s experimental realm, the brawler will finally be available to play publicly in complete form at the end of the month.

As various developers of the character have noted, Doomfist is designed to be a “love letter” of sorts to the fighting game genre — all while in the midst of a FPS game. Riddled with combo potential and high damage output, his abilities mirror that of Street Fighter’s Ryu in how they serve towards a powerful melee-focused strategy. As Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan states,

There’s a lot with Doomfist that was hard to get right. It’s hard, in a first person shooter game, to have a character do a lot of melee abilities and have that feel really good. We think he’s awesome, we think he’s powerful, and we just hope he’s the Doomfist that you guys were looking forward to.

The concept of Doomfist was originally introduced simultaneously with the introduction of the game itself, only being presented as a storied villain who at one time wielded a catastrophic gauntlet capable of leveling buildings. In the little over a year that followed, fan speculation and desire for the concept to be turned into a playable character ran rampant, leaving Blizzard with little choice but to follow suit. In turn, Doomfist was formally revealed as an upcoming character on July 6.

Just today, a new official Overwatch web comic was unveiled that centers around the aftermath of Doomfist’s escape from prison holding. The comic — as well as any of the previous issues — can be enjoyed through the PlayOverwatch website.

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