New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer and Possible Port

This past Saturday, at this year’s D23 Expo, Disney released a new trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III.


The trailer featured Sora and his companions, Goofy and Donald, in a continuation of their struggle against the Heartless. The five-minute trailer showcased gameplay from one of the new worlds of Kingdom Hearts III; Toy Story World. This is the first appearance of the Disney property in the Kingdom Hearts series and it looks to be an exciting new environment for fans to explore.

Our introduction to the world begins with Sora and company entering what appears to be Andy’s room from the movies, at some point after the events of Toy Story 2. After being transformed into toy versions of themselves and defeating a pack of Heartless, the group runs into several of Andy’s toys, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Rex. Sora and company are told of the disappearance of a number of the other toys, who vanished with the appearance of the Heartless and a mysterious hooded figure. With the assistance of the toys, Sora and company then fight their way to Galaxy Toys, where they encounter the Organization XIII member behind it all.

The trailer includes a sizable segment of gameplay and combat. We see what appears to be a new Toy-Story-themed keyblade wielded by Sora. It has the unique ability to transform into a large hammer and a drill, which enables Sora to dig through the ground, either as a means of mobility or dodging. Of note as well are the controllable mechs that appear in Galaxy Toys, of which there are at least three separate kinds.

Some related news might have overwhelmed the release of this new trailer, however. Director Tetsuya Nomura has recently said that release on the Switch is a definite “possibility.”

“The Nintendo Switch is definitely a very interesting piece of hardware… [Though] for now, we want to focus on what platforms we’ve already announced we’re going to be releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 on. And so after, perhaps, maybe we can start thinking about other possibilities.”

If KH3 were to come to the Switch, it would be the first game of the 3D series to be featured on a Nintendo system.

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