Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere Demo Goes Live on July 15

In anticipation of the game’s release later this month, Splatoon 2 is holding its first “Splatfest” in the form of a free demo this upcoming Saturday, July 15.


Following the same format as the identically named events from the first Splatoon, the demo will only be active for online play during a specific time period of 3:00 PM PT to 7:00PM PT.  Until then, Nintendo Switch owners can download and play the application from the Nintendo eShop, gaining access to Inkopolis Square — Splatoon 2’s new hub world. Here, players can get a head start on customizing their own squid kid, check out the in-game shops, and even post a Miiverse-esque drawing to potentially appear during battle or in the plaza. Most importantly of all, however, this is also where users will select their role for the game’s initial Splatfest.

This time around, inklings are asked to select their favorite dessert of choice between either cake or ice cream. Then, during the time that the demo is live, representatives of each side set out for the Arena to partake in battles of Turf War — the game’s most featured and recognized mode — against each other in order to determine the overall winning team. Typically, the final results of the event are tabulated as a combination of both popularity and win rate for each side, with participants of the winning team being gifted added perks for use in the base game after conclusion. In addition, players can gain experience by ranking up throughout the Splatfest, though it is not yet determined if anything gained from the demo can be carried over into the full game.

Splatoon 2 is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on July 21 for the suggested retail price of $59.99. Last week, Nintendo aired what is expected to be the final “Nintendo Direct” focused on the popular third-person shooter, in which they highlighted the Splatfest as well as many other aspects of the game including new character “hosts”, Pearl and Marina. Be sure to check out the Official Splatoon 2 Website for more information, as well as to look back at the Direct itself.

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